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  • 01 / BALL VALVES

    Ball Valves are core products of Suzhou Sunco Valve, we can manufacture from 1/2” to 56”, 150LB-2500LB, especially the forged steel ball valves are our best in best, also the metal to metal type, fully welded type, top entry type, block & bleed type, even the C type, V type and orbit type ball valves, as well as the conventional floating and trunnion mounted ball valves. Our competitiveness lies in the design, quality and cost-saving. The design are strictly as per API 6D or other relative standards, can completely satisfy practical working conditions, our R&D team is experienced and innovative, always keep our design always in fashion; zero defect is our quality policy, also the target we’re always pursuing, for the raw material, if medium and heavy defects found, we refuse at once and re-cast / re-forge in our own foundry, repair work only for type defects, besides, all finish machining performed by CNC machines, guaranteed the best match between parts, plus our 100% inspection & test for the finished products, assured our valves in best condition before shipment; the excellent design and strict quality control finally saved cost in raw material and maintenance. The above made ball valve became our core and most popular products.

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  • 02 / GGC Valves

    Conventional Gate Globe Check (GGC) valves are most used in general industries, also most ordered from customers. Suzhou Sunco Valve can manufacturefrom 1/2” to 64”, 150LB-2500LB, both in forged and cast steel, including the API600 wedge gate valve, API 6D slab & expanding gate valve, knife gate valve, BS1873 / API623 plug disc globe valve, BS1868 / API 594 API6D swing check valve, wafer check valve, axial flow check valve, etc., especially the large sizes, used in high pressure and temperature and cryogenic service, are specially welcomed by our customers in European and North America, that’s why we always say “We’re small, but we’re always making big”, for the conventional sizes in low and medium pressure, are mostly ordered by global stockiest. Same with ball valves, all the finish machining are performed by CNC machines, to make sure the best accuracy and efficiency of assembly, avoid potential disassembly and repair, all for the final perfect quality.

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  • 03 / PLUG VALVES

    Plug valve is a quarter-turn valve similarin design and operating principles. Suzhou Sunco Valve can manufacturefrom 1/2” to 48”, 150LB-2500LB, both in the soft and metal seat design, lubricated and non-lubricated design as per API 599 and API 6D, including the pressure balance type, lifting plug type, orbit plug type (general valve), sleeved type and lined type.

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    Butterfly valve is a kind of simple and cheap valves but used broadly in almost all pipeline systems. Suzhou Sunco Valve can manufacture steel material butterfly valves from 2” to 240”, 150LB-2500LB, both soft and metal seat, both concentric and offset design, both flanged and wafer type as per API 609. We also can supply the iron material butterfly valves, such as the cast grey iron and ductile iron, but mainly outsourced from our qualified sub-suppliers.

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  • 05 / STRAINERS

    Strainers are simple designed valves and mostly used for purpose of filtering the impurities from the working medium, or purpose of purify the working medium. Suzhou Sunco Valve can manufacture from 2” to 56”, 150LB-2500LB,nearly all kinds of strainers, including Y type, T type, U type, basket type, duplex type and even customer tailor-made type.

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Suzhou Sunco Valve Co., Ltd. established in July of 2007, registered brand SUNCOVAL, is China professional and experienced company focus on industrial valves research & design, fabricating, manufacturing and export, serving global projects with quality va

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SUNCOVAL provides all the services are for customers to create more value. Timely, high quality, professional is the characteristics of after-sales service. SUNCOVAL valve can provide you with a full set of technical information, drawings and product brochures, production schedule, production inspection control plan and so on.

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Competitive Price & On-Time Delivery


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