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Ball Valves are core products of Suzhou Sunco Valve, we can manufacture from 1/2” to 56”, 150LB-2500LB, especially the forged steel ball valves are our best in best, also the metal to metal type, fully welded type, top entry type, block & bleed type, even the C type, V type and orbit type ball valves, as well as the conventional floating and trunnion mounted ball valves. Our competitiveness lies in the design, quality and cost-saving. The design are strictly as per API 6D or other relative standards, can completely satisfy practical working conditions, our R&D team is experienced and innovative, always keep our design always in fashion; zero defect is our quality policy, also the target we’re always pursuing, for the raw material, if medium and heavy defects found, we refuse at once and re-cast / re-forge in our own foundry, repair work only for type defects, besides, all finish machining performed by CNC machines, guaranteed the best match between parts, plus our 100% inspection & test for the finished products, assured our valves in best condition before shipment; the excellent design and strict quality control finally saved cost in raw material and maintenance. The above made ball valve became our core and most popular products.